Those Who Do Not Learn To Have To Guzzle

Our British slave can not speak flawless my German language. He didn’t understand it always still be unintelligible babble is bugging me.
He should be sure to learn flawless German to understand my instructions instantaneously. Now he has lost my favor and I do not care that he had never served as a toilet.
He is rigidly tied to the cross and will guzzle everything we stuff it into his mouth. Miss Jane had straight, and packed a dog cup with poo and piss.
The total shell waste had to be eaten then fully by him. Very first we slammed him crap soaked in pee in his mouth, then he could drink the rest straight from the bowl.
As long as he does not speak perfect German, I’ll feed him again mercilessly with lot feces.

Those Who Do Not Learn To Have To Swallow

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