The Superb Shit Eating! Full Movie

The title says it all! A fresh slave served me here as my Living loo. He had applied to me and wrote to me that he would guzzle it all, no matter how much it would be! Well, let`s see. I am extra for Four days, not gone to feces! Now the slave was under me and my toilet seat and I Pooped him a truly gigantic sausage in his mouth. On the big poop sausage, I then, still on it pissed. The slave chewed and gulped and ate indeed, all my crap and then gobbled yet, his shit-smeared fingers, clean! My piss that had landed on the floor, he had still sipping on! As a prize, the slave was permitted, his man rod jerking, until jack off. The horny defecating and pissing in the mouth Scene, you can see it again, from 4 camera angles!

The Great Shit Eating! Full Movie

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