Defecating On My Toilet Slave

I had a very special little friend come over today. He seems to love sniffing and gobbling my arse. I wonder how he will react to me making him lay down under my big tastey butt and waiting patiently with his mouth broad open. Do you think he will like it when my big turd starts falling into his mouth? Will he jack his stiffy and wail, breath powerfully in anticipation? I wonder if his beef whistle will explode in orgasm when my turd falls ideally into his mouth.
He is a very good toilet slave and he makes me very proud the way he opens up his mouth open and accepts my fresh, warm turd into his mouth.
If you have been wanting me to have some toilet slave joy, well, now is the time! It felt so fine to feel my little feces eater tonguing my arse, greasing up my fuckhole so my turd would slide right out. He worked his tongue in a circle around my turd. And when that turd let lose and fell into his awaiting mouth he came so hard! Observe all that cum just shoot out of his cock!
I loved looking down on him and seeing my beautiful poop in his mouth! I hope you enjoy it too!

Shitting On My Toilet Slave

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