Oliver’S Training As A Human Toilet

Since I hate to have bad trained staff, I’ve taken a lot of time along with Miss Jane, to train the freshly acquired slaves Oliver for human toilet.
Because it was his very first time, and we wished to give him no chance to defend themselves, we have immobile him defenseless on the gyn chair.
He has to concentrate on guzzling and not to a meaningless defense. Like a big baby we have shoved him a spoon after another utter of poo and piss in his mouth.
After some time, he acquiesced and could now be liberated from its motionless position. He had to guzzle the rest of the slurry, mixed in the meantime to a brown soup.
Through our intransigence we have wooed Oliver to overcome his urge to gag and guzzle everything.

Oliver'S Training As A Human Toilet'S Training As A Human Toilet'S Training As A Human Toilet

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