From The Father Of My Gf On The Toilet Dirty Used!

I was visiting my youthfull gf. When I had to go to the toilet, I went to the toilet. She still lives with her parents and I thought nothing else about it. Had not closed the door, and all of a sudden her father, with a stiff tail, stood in front of me in the toilet. I know that he is keen on me, just as he always looks at me when I visit my gf. Since I am every tail is right and I am always schlong, sperm and piss-horny, I have not missed his stiffy. Since he very first had to piss, he pissed his spicy piss into my mouth. I have gulped greedy. Then he tucked me, with his sausage, my mouth, until he sprayed me a fat geyser of sperm, into my mouth and face. I played with his sperm in my mouth, before I gulped this voraciously. If you want to practice this and of course even more, also with me, then contact me!

From The Father Of My Girlfriend On The Toilet Dirty Used!

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