Amazing Giant Poo Sausage For A Fresh Slave! Utter Movie

A fresh slave had contacted me because he dreamed to eat my kaviar. So he booked a hotel room and then I have visited him there!. Had my mobile commode chair brought and was specially not poop Four days for he also gets an Thick serving! I have him shoot his mouth so total shitted that he came to his thresholds! He chewed and gulped and nevertheless was my mega sausage, not less. Nevertheless, it made him so horny he jerked one until he sprayed! I left him then so back and ordered him to eat the entire turd on. This has certainly lasted an hour !!! Yes Fellows, who applies to become a toilet slave with me, now gets even a mega dose, of my Divine kaviar! This horny Mega Kaviar, you see, of course, again, from Four camera angles!

Amazing Giant Shit Sausage For A New Slave! Full Movie

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