Glad 18th birthday scat play

A youthful woman is having her bday today. Therefore, she is fairly excited about all of the wonderful gifts she is going to receive. She also has a special bounty in mind that she is going to give someone that suggested to be her slave. What she is thinking of doing is providing him her warm poo. She is going to take a shit on the floor just for him.

Happy 18th birthday scat play

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A vulnerable toilet slave

A slave will find out just how vulnerable he is going to be when Miss Cheyenne and Cara Cariss get a hold of him. The sexy women are going to demonstrate a toilet slave what he is going to do. The slave has been instructed to open his mouth broad because all he is worth is eating their hot kaviar directly from their puckers into his loser mouth.

A helpless toilet slave

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Giantess Manhandled Little Man!

This is a story of Giantess and her little slave, she smothers him with her massive booty and fuckbox she then pisses on him while sitting on his face repeatedly orders him to slurp her vulva clean and again pisses on him. Giantess has a lot to drink so she has explosions of golden juice to give to her slave. She then trampled on food on the floor splatter it on slaves face and sits on him pushing his face towards her snatch and throttling him non stop. Inbetween pissing and trampling she abruptly feels she has to dump her digested food so she again, sits on his face and let out a massive fart followed by her scat then she again sits on his face strangling him!

Giantess Abused Little Man!

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Domina poops on slave

Rachel had been having a running tummy, and it left her powerless and dehydrated. She resolved not to go to the loo again. Instead she had the toilet go to her. She called her slave and whenever the urge to go to the toilet would arise, she made the slave open his mouth and then he would take a dump inwards his mouth. She did not care about his safety and health.

Mistress poops on slave

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