Some nice golden shower and scat

Princess Nikki takes her slave with her to the hotel and uses him as her human toilet, when she wants to piss. While he lies on the carpet, his domme pisses all over him, and some piss grounds on the carpet to flag her district. But her slave didn't see coming that she's all about to poop on him, too. Today she presses out her scat above his mouth and leaves him astonished – yet he has to eat everything of it!

Some nice golden shower and scat

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Pink is defecating all over

Pink is a pretty little domme that loves to do aggressive and penalizing things to her slaves. One of them is getting dressed up and indeed nice little garment so that she is able to take pictures as she is defecating on the ground. All of her slaves have a fetish for watching her take a poo, so this is really making them go crazy not being able to see it in person.

Pink is shitting all over

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Messalina is a crazy mistress

Messalina is a domme that loves to do very abasing things to her slaves. The slaves are all abased by her, but when she tells her slave to get on his knees, he is thinking he will munch her labia. Messalina will embark pushing out shit and tell the slave to open wide and eat the shit straight from her ass. Messalina is so brutal.

Messalina is a wild mistress

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Glad 18th birthday scat play

A youthful woman is having her bday today. Therefore, she is fairly excited about all of the wonderful gifts she is going to receive. She also has a special bounty in mind that she is going to give someone that suggested to be her slave. What she is thinking of doing is providing him her warm poo. She is going to take a shit on the floor just for him.

Happy 18th birthday scat play

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A vulnerable toilet slave

A slave will find out just how vulnerable he is going to be when Miss Cheyenne and Cara Cariss get a hold of him. The sexy women are going to demonstrate a toilet slave what he is going to do. The slave has been instructed to open his mouth broad because all he is worth is eating their hot kaviar directly from their puckers into his loser mouth.

A helpless toilet slave

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